Sisters in a past life, mother and daughter in this one, Lynn and Angela Goodstein craft their jewelry with love and meaning. Their elegant, custom designs reflect your personal story, incorporating stones for empowerment, protection, honoring and healing.
Almost a decade ago a wise women told Angela that she would one day work with healing stones.  At the time, she did not know what that meant, but the words have proven prophetic.  Her intuitive, psychic sense of what stones will best support your journey is a gift she incorporates into every design.
Founded in 2002, Justicia began with a love of jewelry and crafting unique designs for friends and family.  As word spread, it became clear that the company needed to expand its offerings. While primarily focused on custom pieces and bridal jewelry, Justicia also offers a line of Soul Essentials as well as an annual Soul Collection inspired by travel and new adventures.

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