Custom Bridal Jewelry





A quaint backyard summer wedding called for something a little more colorful. The bride wanted to use her grandmother's necklace in some way. We recreated it into a belt and made earrings and sweet little headpins to match. 

Materials used: Vintage Heirloom Necklace, Ametrine, Rose Quartz, Rainbow Moonstone, Freshwater Pearls and 14K Gold-Fill.  



Creamy Moonstone and 14k Gold-Fill Bridal Soirée Earrings for this sweet bride.

Materials: Moonstone, 14K Gold-Fill


A headpiece and matching earring and bracelet set were perfect for this gorgeous bohemian goddess.
Materials: 14K Gold-Fill, Moonstone, Fresh Water Pearl



Something different (and colorful!) for this beautiful bride.

Materials: Sterling Silver, Chrysocolla, Moss Opal


This gorgeous bride chose to adorn her lovely bridesmaids with dainty drop earrings and Justicia's staple piece, The Heartbeat Necklace. Her stone of choice was Rose Quartz which supports the heart in all ways, bathes the whole body in love, helps to attract love and eases anxiety. The perfect energy to gift a wedding party.

Materials: 14K Gold-Fill, Rose Quartz

Jenny Lou

Cascading pearl earrings and a Swarovski crystal and pearl bracelet were the perfect finishing touches for this beautiful bride.

Materials: Sterling Silver, Pearl, Swarovski Crystals


Our client, Jeff, wanted a special piece to gift to his bride, Nikia, as a symbol of his undying affection during their commitment ceremony. We drew inspiration from Nikia's reoccurring dream of a white octopus named "Pearl". 

Materials: Sterling Silver, Pearl, Aquamarine


It's really something when your nearest and dearest asks you to make her wedding jewelry.

Materials: 14K Gold-Fill, Pearl, Crystal Quartz Druzy


Katy, the sweetest (and most stunning!) bride you ever did meet, chose to adorn her coral-clad bridesmaids with our Double Up Horseshoe Hoops.  Her stone of choice, turquoise, a nod to Katy's home state of New Mexico.  Turquoise is linked to powerful personal protection.  It eases anxiety and feelings of negativity and aids communication.

Materials: 14K Gold-Fill, Turquoise