Stones that Heal

For thousands of years, stones and crystals have been used as energy medicine to heal, honor, protect, and empower their wearers. Far more than simple adornment, these beautiful tools activate our inner healing and provide guidance along our emotional and spiritual paths.

Each stone and crystal has its own meaning and power. We invite you to explore and choose those that resonate with your own journey!   

Amber:  restores the stomach, kidneys and spleen | supports the immune system | strengthens the lower back, pelvis and reproductive organs | stimulates a positive attitude | improves self confidence 

Amethyst: protects wearer from environmental stress | wards off negative influences |promotes spirituality | enhances visualization | calms the nervous system and the brain | aids headaches | improves stress | February birthstone

Ametrine: encourages the balance between intuition and practical mind |  promotes harmony | helps focus | improves ability to solve problems | improves digestion | enhances immune system

Aquamarine: brings peace, love and inspiration | encourages creative verbal communication and expression | stimulates harmonious communication | enables expression of your highest truth | shields aura | soothes grief and loneliness | cools infection | reduces inflammation | relieves hay fever | March birthstone

Apatite: helps mend broken bones | eases problems with teeth | aids in recovery | increases focus | aids in concentration and problem solving | expands awareness

Carnelian: restores vitality | increases strength | aids business success | alleviates apathy | soothes pain | speeds up healing process | purifies the blood | improves circulation | brings courage

Chalcedony: known as the Speaker's Stone | enables the truest form of self-expression | encourages reflection and meditation | encourages optimism and good will | eases fear and nightmares | soothes the lungs and breathing problems | eases throat problems including soreness and coughs

Citrine: stimulates creative thinking and inspiration | frees the mind of limitations | helps turn ideas into reality | supports hormone balance | lifts depression | brings good fortune and abundance | encourages generosity | helps sustain success and joy | eases menopause

Coral (Pink):  brings peace | initiates bonding in interpersonal relationships | enhances intuition | increases fertility

Coral (Red): traditionally a gift from a mother to newborn as an amulet of protection |  aids in building new relationships | nourishes the bones and blood

Coral (White): aids in self-expression and effective communication | promotes balance and resonance in wearer's voice | helps backache | strengthens body's immunity | assists psychic development in children

Chrysoprase: supports and expands the heart chakra | promotes joy | attracts new love | brings restful sleep and aids in general relaxation 

Emerald: stimulates love and pure expression | enhances wisdom and inner knowing | increases love | May birthstone

Crystal Quartz: considered the supreme gift of Mother Earth | clears impurities and psychic debris from body | increases power of concentration and focus | realigns and refocuses the body, mind and spirit toward clear goals

Garnet: to reduce body toxins | regenerates the body, stimulates metabolism | purifies the blood, heart and lungs | regenerates DNA | bring vitality and warmth to the system | improves circulation | energizes the root chakra | January birthstone

Green Onyx:  related to the heart chakra | alleviates worry, tension and fear, provides comfort | gives strength and stamina | encourages happiness and good fortune

Hematite: protects | dispels negativity | relieves muscle cramps | cleans the blood | supports circulation | arms and energizes the system | buds self confidence

Herkimer Diamond : known as the an "attunement stone - useful in attuning to another person, group or environment | carries the highest healing frequency | opens all chakras | expands the energy field and aura | amplifies spiritual energy

Imperial Topaz: recharges the spirit | encourages self-realization and confidence | banishes bad dreams | bestows charisma | protects against sudden or untimely death

Iolite: enables inner vision | enhances clarity of dreams | soothes headaches | cures insomnia | eases stress

Jade: balances and supports the kidneys and lymphatic system | calms the nervous system | encourages peace and abundance

Kyanite: works as a conductor, helping move energy through the body | brings positive vibrations | eases mental blocks | enables new perspective | activates psychic abilities | heals broken bones

Labradorite: considered a powerful stone of magic and transformation | increases extrasensory perception | stimulates recall of past lives, clairvoyance and other psychic abilities | activates multiple levels of consciousness | reduces fear and insecurities | regulates metabolism | balances hormones | inspires imagination

Lapis: activates the higher mind | enhances intellectual ability | stimulates desire for knowledge, truth and understanding | aids in the process of learning | enhances memory | encourages honesty of the spirit, in written and spoken word

London Blue Topaz : often referred to as the writers stone | inspires creativity | heightens communication | promotes harmony and relaxations | calms frayed nerves | December birthstone

Moonstone:  increases creativity | enhances intuition | soothes stress | calms emotions | relieves PMS | balances hormones

Moss Opal: promotes growth | brings abundance and prosperity | helps unburden the heart | brings energy and quick recovery | aids in empty nest syndrome

Opal: increases vitality, passion and zest for life | stimulates personal power | reenergizes | protects | helps increase trust | October birthstone

Pearl: promotes balance | regulates feminine cycle | increases fertility | eases fluid retention | brings peace and tranquility | attracts love | offers protection, especially to children | June birthstone

Peridot: neutralizes toxicity | encourages clear decision making | boosts tissue regeneration | supports liver, gall and bladder function | August birthstone

Prehnite: helps to expand the heart into unconditional love | calms and soothes | helps release emotional pain | detoxifies kidneys and lymphatic system

Pyrite: blocks energy leaks and mends auric tears | protects wearer from environmental pollutants and physical danger | deflects negative energies | releases negative and inhibiting patterns of behavior | helps balance the masculine and feminine | promotes good physical health and emotional wellbeing

Rose Quartz: supports the heart in all ways | bathes the whole body in love: helps to attract love | eases anxiety | increases fertility

Ruby: charges up passion | increases enthusiasm | helps follow dreams | sharpens the mind | aids in retaining wealth | July birthstone

Sapphire (Blue): enhances self confidence | enhances clear and thoughtful communication | links throat, third-eye and crown chakras, soothes inflammation and burns | September birthstone

Sapphire (Tundra): stone of destiny | promote joy, faith, hope and protection during long journeys | brings peace 

Smokey Quartz: grounding | neutralizes negativity | enhances sexual fervor | acts as a catalytic trigger | activates the laws of attraction | aids in manifestation of desires | counteracts the effects of radiation

Spinel (Black): empowers and protects | repels negativity | grounds wearer | rids wearer of anger and resentment | detoxifies the body | heals the bladder, intestines, and female reproductive system | helpful for leg disorders and problems associated with the lymphatic system

Sunstone: helps lift depression and anxiety | creates a feeling of expansion | eases aches and pains and rheumatism

Tanzanite: valuable for spiritual exploration | invites protection and safety in linking with higher realms |  allows for deep profound meditation | helpful in uniting the mind and heart

Topaz (Swiss Blue): known as a writer's stone | heightens ability to communicate effectively | allow for clear decision making

Tourmaline (Black): revered as a premier talisman of protection | deflects negative energies, entities, and destructive forces | guards against radiation and environmental pollutants | highly useful in purifying and neutralizing one’s own negative thoughts and internal conflicts | reduces jet lag

Tourmaline (Green): brings balance and growth | balances emotions | promotes compassion | stimulate happiness and joy | connects and attunes wearer to Mother Earth

Tourmaline (Multicolor): known as The Artist's Stone | inspires creativity | strengthens body and spirit

Tourmaline (Pink): stimulates happiness and joy, peace and relaxation | eases anxiety and fraught emotions | soothes the physical organ of the heart | helps balance an irregular heartbeat | excellent stone for children with high sensitivity or behavioral issues | connects us to our inner child | October birthstone

Tourmalated Quartz: purifies and cleanses | neutralizes effects of electromagnetic stress | restores balance of chakras | enables fresh starts | assures physical safety

Turquoise: linked to powerful personal protection | eases feelings of negativity | increases self-esteem | removes pollutants | aids communication | improves immune system