Bridal Cascade Earrings

The perfect cascade earring for your perfect day. Earrings measure approx. 3" and are available in a variety of metals.

Moonstone: Moonstone: increases creativity | enhances intuition | soothes stress | calms emotions | relieves PMS | balances hormones

Pearl: promotes balance | regulates feminine cycle | increases fertility | eases fluid retention | brings peace and tranquility | attracts love | offers protection, especially to children | June birthstone

Pyrite: blocks energy leaks and mends auric tears | protects wearer from environmental pollutants and physical danger | deflects negative energies | releases negative and inhibiting patterns of behavior | helps balance the masculine and feminine | promotes good physical health and emotional wellbeing

Like this style but want to customize the colors/stones for your special day?  Contact us about creating bridal and bridal party jewelry custom designed with you in mind.

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