Cleopatra Earrings

An honoring of Cleopatra, one of the most influential women of the ancient world symbolizing charisma and intelligence. 

Hand-forged and hammered teardrop shaped hoop encase a femme fatal combination of black spinel, smokey quartz, turquoise, peridot and carnelian.  Earrings measure approximately 1 .25" in diameter and 2 - 1/2" in length.

Available in Sterling Silver, 14k Gold-Fill and 14k Rose Gold-Fill.

Spinel (Black): empowers, protects and repels negativity. Grounds wearer and rids wearer of anger and resentment. Spinel detoxifies the body, heals the bladder, intestines, and female reproductive system. 

Smoky Quartz: a brilliant grounding stone ever ready to keep you connected to the here and now without falling down the slippery slope of overwhelm. Smoky Quartz nurtures the soul and neutralizes negative energies creating a sense of safety and security.

Turquoise: linked to powerful personal protection, Turquoise eases feelings of negativity and increases self-esteem. It aids in effective communication. 

Peridot: a favorite stone of Queen Cleopatra, Peridot is regarded as a powerful protection stone against evil spirits. It encourages mental clarity and clear decision-making. 

Carnelian: restores vitality and  increases strength. Carnelian aids business success and brings courage.

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