Gaia Earrings

Gaia - Mother Goddess

Meet Gaia, the Mother Goddess. To the Greeks, Gaia was the ultimate goddess of raw, maternal power.  In the beginning, there was chaos, nebulous ethers waiting to take form. This primordial landscape awaited direction; it was then that the spirit of Gaia arrived to give structure to the formless, and the Earth was conceived.

She became the Earth, birthing all form of landscape, plants, crystals and creatures. Though her creation was majestic, her solitude was great. She longed for love and created the sky with whom she mated, igniting a creative force which birthed countless offspring: Time and the Fates, the Muses and the oceans, to name a few. She’s considered the primeval mother of whom all gods—and life itself—descended.

Hand-forged and hammered teardrop shaped hoop frame a life-giving  combination of Moonstone, Aquamarine, Carnelian, Garnet, Iolite, Peridot, Citrine, London Blue Topaz and Labradorite.
Available in Sterling Silver, 14k Gold-Fill and 14k Rose Gold-Fill. Earrings measure 1.5" wide and dangle 2.75" in length from french ear hooks.

Moonstone: increases creativity | enhances intuition | soothes stress | cams emotions | relieves PMS | balances hormones

Aquamarine: brings peace, love and inspiration | encourages creative verbal communication and expression | stimulates harmonious communication | enables expression of your highest truth | shields aura | soothes grief and loneliness | cools infection | reduces inflammation | relieves hay fever | March birthstone

Carnelian: restores vitality | increases strength | aids business success | alleviates apathy | soothes pain | speeds up healing process | purifies the blood | improves circulation | brings courage

Garnet: to reduce body toxins | regenerates the body, stimulates metabolism | purifies the blood, heart and lungs | regenerates DNA | bring vitality and warmth to the system | improves circulation | energizes the root chakra | January birthstone

Iolite: enables inner vision | enhances clarity of dreams | soothes headaches | cures insomnia | eases stress

Peridot: neutralizes toxicity | encourages clear decision making | boosts tissue regeneration | supports liver, gall and bladder function | August birthstone

Citrine: stimulates creative thinking and inspiration | frees the mind of limitations | helps turn ideas into reality | supports hormone balance | lifts depression | brings good fortune and abundance | encourages generosity | helps sustain success and joy | eases menopause

London Blue Topaz : often referred to as the writers stone | inspires creativity | heightens communication | promotes harmony and relaxations | calms frayed nerves | December birthstone

Labradorite: considered a powerful stone of magic and transformation | increases extrasensory perception | stimulates recall of past lives, clairvoyance and other psychic abilities | activates multiple levels of consciousness | reduces fear and insecurities | regulates metabolism | balances hormones | inspires imagination

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