Medusa Earrings

Medusa – the only mortal among the Gorgon sisters – was also distinguished from them by the fact that she alone was born with a beautiful face. Ovid especially praises the glory of her hair, “most wonderful of all her charms.” The great sea god Poseidon seems to have shared this admiration, for once he couldn’t resist the temptation and impregnated Medusa in a temple of Athena. Enraged, the virgin goddess transformed Medusa’s enchanting hair into a coil of serpents. 

Medusa could have been a very prototypical goddess of a matriarchal society. Her hair of snakes and reptilian skin are symbolic of the natural cycle of birth, death, and rebirth.

Hand-forged and hammered teardrop shaped hoop showcase black spinel and garnets.  Earrings measure approximately 1.5" wide and dangle 2.75" in length from french ear hooks.

Available in Sterling Silver, 14k Gold-Fill and 14k Rose Gold-Fill.

Pyrite: blocks energy leaks and mends auric tears | protects wearer from environmental pollutants and physical danger | deflects negative energies | releases negative and inhibiting patterns of behavior | helps balance the masculine and feminine | promotes good physical health and emotional well-being

Ruby: charges up passion | increases enthusiasm | helps follow dreams | sharpens the mind | aids in retaining wealth | July birthstone

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