Storm Chaser Earrings

"Fate whispers to the warrior ⁠

'You cannot withstand the storm' ⁠
and the warrior whispers back ⁠
'I am the storm'".⁠


Here's a pair for all you warriors - Meet the Storm Chaser Earrings.⁠
⁠ ⁠
Available in Sterling Silver, 14k Gold-Fill and 14k Rose Gold-Fill.⁠

A mirage of colors dangle from a delicate ring.  Available in Sterling Silver, 14k Gold-Fill and 14k Rose Gold-Fill. Earrings measure 1"  wide and dangle 3" in length from french ear hooks.

Amethyst: wearer from environmental stress | wards off negative influences | promotes spirituality | enhances visualization | calms the nervous system and the brain | aids headaches | improves stress | promotes restful sleep | February birthstone

Apatite: helps mend broken bones | eases problems with teeth | aids in recovery | increases focus | aids in concentration and problem solving | expands awareness

Aquamarine: brings peace, love and inspiration | encourages creative verbal communication and expression | stimulates harmonious communication | enables expression of your highest truth | shields aura | soothes grief and loneliness | cools infection | reduces inflammation | relieves hay fever | March birthstone

Carnelian: restores vitality | increases strength | aids business success | alleviates apathy | soothes pain | speeds up healing process | purifies the blood | improves circulation | brings courage

Citrine: stimulates creative thinking and inspiration | frees the mind of limitations | helps turn ideas into reality | supports hormone balance | lifts depression | brings good fortune and abundance | encourages generosity | helps sustain success and joy | eases menopause

Garnet: to reduce body toxins | regenerates the body, stimulates metabolism | purifies the blood, heart and lungs | regenerates DNA | bring vitality and warmth to the system | improves circulation | energizes the root chakra | January birthstone

Kyanite: works as a conductor, helping move energy through the body | brings positive vibrations | eases mental blocks | enables new perspective | activates psychic abilities | heals broken bones

Peridot: neutralizes toxicity | encourages clear decision making | boosts tissue regeneration | supports liver, gall and bladder function | August birthstone

Tourmaline (Pink): stimulates happiness and joy, peace and relaxation | eases anxiety and fraught emotions | soothes the physical organ of the heart | helps balance an irregular heartbeat | excellent stone for children with high sensitivity or behavioral issues | connects us to our inner child | October birthstone

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