Optimist Necklace

A raw chrome diopside floats along a dainty chain. Finished with a lobster claw clasp. Available in Sterling Silver, 14k Gold-Fill and 14k Rose Gold-Fill.

Choose from 16" or 20" in length.

Chrome Diopside: aids in recovery from physical and/or emotional trauma | restores vitality and optimism | aligns the chakra system with the earth's electromagnetic field | boosts creative vision and awareness | alleviates aggression and stubbornness | relieves headaches | regulates blood pressure | assists in addiction recovery

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Want to call in a certain energy (balance, abundance, etc.) or heal a physical or emotional ailment?  Contact us about creating a piece of jewelry custom designed for your journey. Read about the significance and healing properties of each stone, visit our Stones that Heal page.

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