Intention Bracelets

To set an intention is to set in motion a wish, idea, or dream for something in your life to transform. It is about trusting that you have a relationship with nature, the universe, and yourself to manifest your deepest dreams and lived realities. 

 Intention bracelets remind you to believe that you are the seed for all growth.  Set your intention, thereafter rub the beads often and visualize that your intention has already come true. Once the bracelet wears and falls off naturally, your intentions are said to go to the universe and back again in the form of life experience.

A single rondel floats along a silk string. Accented with Sterling Silver. Comes affixed to a detailed instruction card. 

Want to call in a certain energy (balance, abundance, etc.) or heal a physical or emotional ailment?  Looking for a meaningful retreat or corporate gift? Bulk custom order pricing available for orders over 10 pieces. Customize your stones, silk cord color, and accent beads. Customizable card design available for an additional fee. Contact us about creating pieces custom designed for your journey.

To read about the significance and healing properties of each stone, visit our Stones that Heal page.

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