Passion Necklace

Garnet rondells cozy up to a Ruby teardrop. This dainty necklace measures approx. 17" long. Available in Sterling Silver, 14k Gold-Fill or 14k Rose Gold-Fill.

Garnet: known as a stone of commitment | balances the mind, emotions and body bringing the heart into alignment with a higher expression of love | brings vitality and warmth to the system | cleanses the blood | improves circulation | January birthstone 

Ruby: invigorates the system | increases life force in the body |  brings renewed energy and strength | improves self-confidence | stimulates the heart chakra | brings stability in relationships and money matters

Want to call in a certain energy (balance, abundance, etc.) or heal a physical or emotional ailment? Contact us about creating a piece of jewelry custom designed for your journey.

Read about the significance and healing properties of each stone, visit our Stones that Heal page.

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